This Will Completely Change The Way You Look At Bananas

Bunch of Bananas on Grunge Wooden Background. Top View

The banana is extremely healthy and powerful fruit. It contains three types of sugars: glucose, fructose and sucrose. It is also rich in fiber and this is what makes it so effective in keeping the feeling of satiety so long.  However, this is not the only good part of it. It also gives energy and a lot of studies have shown that only two bananas on daily basis will provide energy needed for a 90-minute workout.

There are many other benefits that this fruit has and we will elaborate on them below:

  • White Teeth

When compared with apples, the bananas have four times more protein, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron and twice the carbohydrate.  They also contain magnesium, potassium and manganese and these components extremely affect the whiteness of teeth. So, the next time you brush your teeth, don’t forget to run them with a banana peel for 2-3 minutes.

  • Anemia

Being rich in iron, the bananas affect the formation of hemoglobin in the blood to a big extent. Due to this, they help in cases of anemia.

  • Depression

A recent survey which was conducted among people suffering from some form of depression found out that banana is very beneficial in regard to this issue. The reason for that is the protein tryptophan found in the banana which creates the hormone- serotonin. This hormone is known as the hormone of contentment and happiness. So, the next time you are dealing with some form of depression or you are tormented by the PMS, turn to this fantastic fruit instead of taking some pills.

  • Nerves

Bananas contain huge amount of vitamin B which positively affects the entire nervous system. This fruit is a great choice of daily snack for you if you are having a stressful job.

  • Acne

The bananas are very effective for treating acne too. All you need to do is to rub the acne with the inside of the bark for 10 minutes. Leave the remains on the face for as much longer as you can. Repeat this procedure each night before you go to bed, until you notice any improvement.

  • Blood pressure

Bananas contain large amounts of potassium but very little salt. This is important because it regulates the blood pressure. You can reduce the chances of getting a stroke by regular consumption of this fruit.

  • Morning sickness

If the banana is your choice for a daily snack, it will completely eliminate or at least reduce the morning sickness.

  • Temperature regulation

The results speak for themselves. The pregnant women in Thailand, who regularly consume bananas, deliver their babies in a “cool enough” temperature.

  • Brain

Bananas have a positive effect on the brain. There was a study conducted among students that showed that students who eat banana in the morning have a better concentration throughout the day.

  • Hoses

Due to its soft composition, this fruit is used as a dietary food against intestinal disorders.

  • Constipation

Bananas are very rich in fibers. As a result to this, they help you to overcome the problems with constipation without taking laxatives.

  • Mosquito bites

The swelling and the itchiness which appear as a result of a mosquito bite can be reduced with the help of the banana. All you need to do is to rub the place of the sting with the inner bark of the banana.

  • Hangover

You can find the amazing banana helpful after a wild night. It will instantly free you from the headache, it will calm your stomach and you will complement your needs of sugar. So, if you are having a hangover, just make yourself a high-speed banana milkshake.


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