Protect Your Heart From an Infarct With Dates And Pomegranate

Some red juicy pomegranate, whole and broken, on dark rustic wooden table

The combination of dates and pomegranate will assure vitality to the whole body. According to scientists, these fruits are only effective in preventing some diseases if they are consumed combined rather than separately.

According to recent studies, a handful of dates combined with half a glass of pomegranate juice can help significantly improve your health and protect you against heart attack or stroke.

These two foods are considered to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world, and doctors advise taking one cup of natural pomegranate juice and a handful of dates three times a week to refresh your body.

The study that confirmed that this combination can protect the heart from disease was conducted on mice. It was established that this blend can lead to a significant reduction in cholesterol levels and cleaning of blood vessels.

It was confirmed this combination can also have the same effect on humans. It is also recommended to be consumed by healthy people, because it will help them prevent a heart attack. However, people who have survived a heart attack or are at high risk to have one, should try this healthy combination.


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