Health Benefits Of Eating Broccoli

Any food literature will tell you that broccoli is one of the healthiest foods. These following reasons will convince you to include broccoli in your diet, if you haven’t done it already:

  • They may be used in cancer therapy

A research conducted by Oregon State University showed that broccoli contain a cancer-fighting compound sulforaphane which not only prevents cancer, but also improves the effectiveness of cancer therapy, especially among patients who suffer from prostate cancer. Sulforaphane delays the disease’s progression as a result of its ability to trigger the death of prostate cancer cells. This enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of chemotherapy.

Although the research suggests that in order to obtain sulforaphane, patients need to consume more than the amount they would normally consume when eating broccoli, they may also obtain enough sulforaphane by consuming them as a supplement.

  • They detoxify the body

Many parts of the world, including China, have a problem with air pollution which has become a chronic and pervasive problem. According to one study, performed by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, consuming broccoli sprouts significantly detoxifies the body and removes the irritants that may have come from air pollution.

This study lasted for 12 weeks and included 291 Chinese men and women who lived in the most polluted areas in China. One of the groups drank a beverage made from freeze-dried broccoli sprout powder, and the other group had juices from lime and pineapple. The group that consumed the broccoli powder excreted benzene, a carcinogen, by as much as 60% than those who didn’t. They also expelled acrolein, an irritant, by about 23%.

  • They may decrease the defects of progeria

Progeria is a rare disease that is characterized by rapid aging of the body. Many progeria patients don’t live past 30 years old. There is still no known cure for this disease, but compounds in broccoli may slow down the progression by decreasing the protein defect called progerin. A study conducted by Technische Universität München involved introducing sulforaphane to prevent the accumulation of progerin in the cells.

  • You don’t need much to obtain all the anti-cancer benefits of broccoli

It’s unclear how much broccoli should be consumed in order to obtain its benefits. According to some, it is recommended to eat only half a cup a day. And others suggest 2 cups twice a week. There are also people who believe that it is necessary to consume at least 250 grams of the vegetable or roughly 1.6 cups per day. No matter which amount you choose, you will find it easy to incorporate broccoli in your diet.


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